About Us


Mark Jackson

Wolfpack is a profit-for-purpose organisation dedicated to improving small businesses through-out the world. It is primarily for the owners of small businesses who also work in/on their business and aim to grow.

Wolfpack consist of groups (“packs”) of 8 to 10 people who gain support and ideas, learn new skills, develop their business acumen, see each-other’s blindspots, help each other solve problems and hold one-another to account.

The founder is Mark Jackson who began his career with a degree in computer science. Mark started his own business back in 1989, grew it into a medium size enterprise, and sold it as a going concern.

Along the way Mark recognised that the mistakes he was making were due to not knowing what he didn’t know. After 24 years in business, Mark had his business running smoothly, but it wasn’t without experiencing firsthand the pain of business.

Mark is now on a mission to save business owners everywhere from much of that pain and to get where they are going faster. He has found the wold’s best proven know-how in both business thinking and helping business owners and engineered it into Wolfpack.