1. Better Profit Through Better Understanding (in less than 10 minutes!)

Dec 22,2016 at 07:00 am By Wolfpack

Wolfpack Business Timepiece


So many businesses fail to deliver adequate value because the owner has not properly modelled the business financially. This applies to start-ups as well as mature businesses. We believe that no business of any size can afford not to do this.

 This Vlog shows you step by step how to model your business in only a few minutes. You will be amazed at how easy it is and how much insight such a simply model will give you.



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Our Vlogs are free, so feel free to share them. We make them free because at Wolfpack, we are on a mission to help as many business owners as possible.


Next time, we’ll use this basic model to show you something even more astounding – sensitivity analysis. Complex name, easy to do, and amazing insight into your business. If you have never done sensitivity analysis, be prepared for some surprising and even shocking realisations about your own business. Every business owner can, and should, do this.

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Invaluable knowledge nicely presented,. Thanks Mark


Awesome stuff Mark!


Thanks Mark - Highlighting the core reason why we are/should be in business.


Hi Mark, Getting right back to basics is a good reminder of the numbers that matter most. Easy to get lost in the details and forget about these basics. Look forward to the next one.


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