Wolfpack has been instrumental in allowing me the time and expertise to better navigate the trials and tribulations of business. Having not only a 'coach', but also a team of business colleagues who help you manage the business landscape as a 'wolfpack' looking out for you along the way, has been extremely beneficial to the personal and professional growth of me and my business. I highly recommend Wolfpack as an environment where you can build trust and gain guidance and confidence along the path as an entrepreneur.

- Doyle – Digital Marketing – 14 employees

Mark told me about Wolfpack a year ago. I knew his experience and ability to articulate difficult concepts into bite size chunks would be a great benefit to me, but I was not in the financial situation to join up.  I struggled on in my small business for 6 months and finally came to the conclusion I was kidding myself to think that I could do all this on my own. I then committed to Wolfpack and that’s when my real journey began.

Benefits I have received in the last 6 months have been massive. I’m happy to expand personally, but for purpose of introduction to Wolfpack, this is what I have got out of it so far.

Expert mentoring, structured planning, a process of accountability and a forum for addressing challenges that I face in business. A supporting community of real achievers that have a genuine desire to see me prosper. Mark is an exceptional mentor and business coach, but Wolfpack is bigger than Mark. I highly recommend it.

- Lyndon – IT managed services – 2 employees

I think I’m much more business focused now and have a better sense of direction. My business has changed and Wolfpack has been an integral part of that.  I’m now spending time working “on my business” and have the tools, knowledge and support from Wolfpack to keep growing it.

I think being in business there will always be challenges and it’s great to have a group of like-minded people there to help you through them.

- Adrienne – social media marketing – 2 employees

Whenever I've done well in an endeavour, I've had a peer group around me to bounce ideas off of, get excited and generally share the experience with. Trying to do something as challenging as business alone is not the best way to go about it. You want to surround yourself with people that can lift you and inspire you.

In Wolfpack you're surrounded by people in the same position as you. Driven and willing to make sacrifices. They understand you. On top of that the group is led by an experienced business veteran who facilitates discussions and teaches important topics in an easy to understand way every week.

Having peers and a mentor to guide the group of peers helps you to do better and better and ultimately make more money - whether you want that money to support your lifestyle, your family or to support a worthy cause.

Getting an included 1 on 1 session with business coach Mark Jackson is amazing value. I can imagine where I'd have been if I hadn't had access to his experience and wisdom, and the sight would not have been very pretty.

- Faran – on-line clothing sales – 4 employees

Wolfpack has been for me an exciting exercise in learning to be a better and more effective business owner. Many of us are experts in our fields of endeavour, but it’s not a simple matter to translate those skills into actually running a bigger entity, with so many extra considerations. Having the chance to suck information out of experienced mentors in a relaxed and enjoyable manner is priceless. Why have to learn from your our mistakes when you can learn from others that may have already made them before, and can help you avoid the pitfalls? Secondly, Wolfpack is also great as a peer-support system so that you can share your wins and losses. If you are a small business owner, wholeheartedly recommend you give Wolfpack serious consideration.

- Richard - Medical - 10 employees